Estonia's largest sliding doors and
manufacturer of wardrobe systems

Structo Industry OÜ is the largest manufacturer of sliding doors and wardrobe systems in Estonia. We have been operating and selling our products on the Estonian market since 2004. and has won the approval of customers and partners for the quality and reliability of its products.

2010. Since 2007 we are known in Estonia under the brand name L-UKS, which is derived from the word "sliding door" and emphasizes our long experience, quality of products, sense of style, luxurious ease of use, but also simplicity and correctness.

Why choose L-door products


The company has a long experience in the production of sliding doors and wardrobes. In Finland for over 20 years and in Estonia since 2004.


We produce an average of 500-600 sliding doors per week, of which about 40% is exported to Finland and other Nordic countries. In recent years, the production volumes of wardrobe systems have also grown rapidly, reaching an average of 100-120 wardrobes per week. From experience, we believe that our expertise in this area is the best available.

Production in Estonia

Production is located in Estonia and therefore we have a good delivery speed and fast after-sales service.

Delivery speed

As we have almost all the materials we need in stock, we can produce quickly and respond quickly to urgent orders and changes in orders. Sufficient stocks mean there is no need to order materials from subcontractors and wait weeks for them. In addition, we have good relationships with the best suppliers in Estonia. As a result, we are also able to act quickly and flexibly when it comes to the materials we order.

Production according to the customer's requirements

Despite our size, we are flexible in our production and try to accommodate as many customer requests as possible. We strive to find a solution that meets the customer’s needs in product design, without compromising on product quality.


Based on a wide range of materials and sufficient stock, we are able to quickly and flexibly find solutions to any problems that may arise. We can respond quickly to add or change products or parts and can resolve concerns in the shortest possible time.


We are a loyal and trusted partner to our dealers, customers and suppliers. We fulfil orders on time and on budget. We always pay our invoices on time and the company has never had any tax debt. We expect the same attitude towards fulfilling orders and meeting commitments from our partners.

Agu story

For Agu, 19 years of leading Structo Industry have been exciting, instructive and successful. For him, the main basis for the latter has been the team and, of course, a bit of luck. Agu shares more about the principles of growing and maintaining a team, which he himself has followed when making decisions and which have helped the company grow through the years.

Agu has been ambitious from a young age, and his career is testament to this. In almost all jobs, Agu was able to quickly move up a rung or two on the career ladder. With greater responsibility came the need to lead smaller or larger teams, and to do this he had taken the example and noticed his own past leaders or team leaders who had spoken to him with the right attitude and worthy actions. Agu, who has worked in various positions and excelled in management and production, received a good offer to set up a production plant in Estonia for a Finnish company. With a no-nonsense mindset, Agu seized the opportunity and today, as a result of this collaboration, Structo Industry OÜ will soon be 20 years old.

Although Agu’s career has not always been a straight line, as always in business and life, it is the team that he values, with whom he has come out of all the difficult moments. For him, honesty, loyalty and right thinking are the key words for a well-functioning and good team. In Muiates, Agu says it has been said of him: “You can only go wrong once with this man.” This means that lying and stealing are never given a second chance and Agu is principled in this respect. But cooperation based on honesty only works if all parties are honest. As a manager, Agu has had to be honest with the team in the most challenging moments and rely on an understanding attitude. He himself says that the team’s reaction to some of the more honest and unpleasant situations has warmed the heart. Loyalty for Agu is also mutual, with the employee wanting to work for as long as possible and the company wanting to provide a job for as long as possible. This is the basis of cooperation in the long term – both sides contribute. For Agu, right thinking is not about right and wrong, but about thinking alike and sharing the same values. In many ways, every business is like a leader, so just as Agu puts his family first, he expects and wants his team to do the same. He is happy to say that his team members are people of passion, and this is certainly a great asset for Structo Industry. In the big picture, Agu says that shared values help to achieve everything.

In addition to shared values, Agu values trust, self-discovery and development. Over the years, he has observed that it pays to give the employee a free hand to make decisions and take action. It encourages self-reflection, and Agu likes it when a worker has come up with an answer or a result on their own. This way, everyone feels more pride and joy in what they have achieved. Development also goes hand in hand with trust and self-discovery. The Structo Industry team values continuous development as a person, as an employee, as a colleague and as a company.

Agu concludes by saying: “I’ve been lucky to have been able to put together my own team and choose people carefully.”

Team history

“Anyone who wants to can do and try all sorts of things here. The sky is the limit.” This is a sentiment that echoes through the words of all the team members. They love what they do, and the team’s average ten years of service shows it. Development, change and variety are the watchwords – and it’s possibly thanks to these that the team has survived and become professionals in their field. One of the reasons, according to Marko, Finance Manager, is that the boss doesn’t get in the way of people doing their job.

Ivo, a technologist, came to Structo Industry over seven years ago at the invitation of an acquaintance. She admits that she was sceptical about the new job at first, but soon realised that she would not be disappointed with the decision she had made. Ivo believes that work should be challenging, educational and a little bit intriguing – that’s Structo Industrys. He’s fascinated by working with software and the chance to do a little bit of both. “The spark must be there, but when it starts to fade, you have to move on.”

Ariadna, Purchasing and Logistics Manager, has 28 years of experience in various manufacturing companies, 11 of them at Structo Industrys. Ariadne, who has a manufacturing background, had a good feeling about his future boss Aivar from the first conversation. He believes that the trust of superiors is important, giving them the desire and the commitment to do their job even better. He is excited by planning, dealing with suppliers and finding solutions to problems.

Sales Manager Jaak has been working at Structo Industry almost since the start of the company. He also joined the team through introductions when the company started to build and expand its sales network in Estonia. With a background in sales, Jaak saw the potential and decided to give it a try. Long service confirms the validity of the decision. Jaak finds that investing in a company and then seeing the results gives a good feeling and increases motivation.

Janis, a Quality Specialist, started her career at Structo Industry more than a decade ago in production. From there, he moved into installation and then quality specialist. Background knowledge gained in previous positions gives Janis a clear vision to unravel problems. She likes the variety of work at Structo Industrys, as routine work is not her thing.

Marko, Financial Manager, joined the company in 2006. in 2005, when a friend who was working as a product manager-engineer invited him to take his place. In order to gain a broader profile, Marko studied for a Master’s degree in economics at TalTech and in 2011. In 2007, he was given the opportunity to become Chief Financial Officer. “The completed assignments need to be thought through and checked several times before submission. You can’t just watch once,” says Marko.

Product Manager Olari joined Structo Industry in 2010. as a designer. He’s a former top athlete, so a sportsman’s soul urges him to try hard and not give up. Olari appreciates the freedom of choice in his job and the “if you dare, decide for yourself” attitude of his superiors. Colleagues say of Olari that it was he who brought the first digital revolution to the house, and he is still driving it today.

Production Manager Aivar started as a foreman and as the first employee of the company, he has seen the development of Structo Industry from the very beginning. He trained as a furniture maker and has basically worked in this field all his life. Aivar points out that he is fascinated by the constant development and freshness of Structo Industry. “If the company’s development were stagnant, there would be nothing to ignite it,” says Aivar. The same attitude is expected from new colleagues.

All employees agree that Structo Industry’s greatest asset is flexibility and the freedom to organise their time and work. The key is to get things done and serve customers well. According to Margit, the most important thing is the potential and the opportunities for development, both for the company itself and for the employees. Jaak emphasises that everyone here is passionate about their work and wants the company to survive and thrive. He adds: “It’s a privilege to work for an industry leader and to sell a product you really believe in.” Olari adds with a smile that his colleagues are normal and friendly people. Olari is a good and friendly person. “Even after big disagreements, we understand that we are a family and we are working for a common cause,” says Janis, pointing out what she likes most about the team. The fact that many of the current team members came to the company thanks to employee recommendations confirms that Structo Industrys is a good place to work.

The team

Jaak tomingas

Sales Manager

GSM: +372 52 18 667
E-mail: jaak@l-uks.ee

Aivar Blieder

Production Manager

GSM: +372 51 66 165
TEL: +372 6 717 413
E-mail: aivar@l-uks.ee

Ariadna Reinio

Purchasing and logistics manager

GSM: +372 55 60 4945
TEL: +372 6 717 413
E-mail: ariadna@l-uks.ee