LED wardrobe lighting

LED wardrobe lighting

We use modern, economical but long-lasting LED strip lighting (LED luminaires) based on LED technology to illuminate cloakrooms and sliding shelves.

LED lights can be used inside or outside the wardrobe.

  • In front of the sliding doors, the light strip can be attached to a special trim concealing the top of the sliding doors or recessed into the ceiling of the projecting cabinet.
  • Inside the cabinet, however, the strip light can be recessed into a shelf or integrated into a coat hanger.
  • We use separate battery-powered lights to illuminate the drawers.

There are different switching options:

  • Connecting luminaires to the room’s normal electrical system, i.e. to a wall switch.
  • Wireless switch (with or without dimmer)
  • Automatic light on opening of the door (suitable for sliding, hinged, swinging and Coplanar doors).