Softstopper (kopeeri)

Softstopper (kopeeri)

If the planned opening of the sliding doors is sufficiently straight and level, it is possible to order soft-closing devices for the sliding doors. The soft close stops the movement of the sliding door when it closes and then closes the door silently all the way.

Soft closers can be ordered for all types of sliding doors, regardless of profile type or door weight. For doors of different weights, a softshutter of different capacities is used. It is important that the floor and ceiling are straight (level).

The way Softstopper works is simple. The spring pulls the door shut but the hydraulic pump prevents or brakes the spring. Due to the interaction between the spring and the pump, the door moves slowly until it closes. From the closed position, the door can no longer be pushed forward.

Softstops are also sometimes used when opening a door, to stop the door from banging against the opposite wall or another sliding door.

In the case of 3 doors, a softstopper can also be used for the middle door, which allows the door to be opened in both directions after closing.

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