Bifolding doors

Bifolding doors

Bifolding doors (sometimes also known as folding doors) consist of two door panels connected by hinges in the middle, which are folded together in pairs when opened.

Bifolding doors, are a very smart solution, equally suitable for narrower and wider cabinets. As a general rule, it is not recommended to make bifolding wardobe doors wider than 1.2m, i.e. neither side should be wider than 60cm. In the case of wider cupboards, two or more pairs of doors can be placed next to each other. They can also be combined with ordinary hinged cupboards.

This solution allows the cabinet to be opened simultaneously over almost the entire length of the cabinet. As one of the door panels is fixed to the cabinet wall at the edge, the rigidity of the doors and their comfortable use are guaranteed.

On our bifolding wardobe doors, the top guide rail is hidden behind the door panel and the bottom guide rail is fixed to the bottom panel.

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