Modular partitions

Modular partitions

The modular glass-panelled partition wall with aluminium profiles is a versatile and, if necessary, reusable interior design system.

The partition modules are easy to assemble and dismantle, allowing the partition to be rearranged in the room if necessary. Glass partition walls are made up of fixed and movable modules (sliding doors).

The slides can be used either on the bottom guide rail or on a TOP-hanging rail that leaves the floor free. For locking the sliding doors we use different leading locking systems (Abloy, Assa, etc.).

Sound insulation is achieved by using glass of different thicknesses.

The transparency of the glass can be changed by using frosted film with different types of glass and ornaments. A combination of glass and/or melamine panels can also be used for openings.

Modular partition walls are suitable for separating different zones and offices in production and office spaces.