Norscan Roller

Norscan Roller

In the wardrobes produced by Structo Industry OÜ we use norwegian made high quality Norscan Roller baskets, which have become an integral part of today’s wardrobe systems. The high quality of the Norscan Roller baskets and a wide range of accessories make them one of the best-selling basketsystems in Estonia.

In addition to the standard roller baskets, Roller basket systems include shoe baskets, shoe racks, peg holders, tie holders, clothes racks, metal wire racks, etc. In principle, you can combine an entire wardrobe using only Norscan Roller products if you wish.

For baskets that move on separate rails between melamine cabinet walls, the appropriate shelf widths are 332, 432, 532 or 732mm (with rails).

The Norscan Roller basket system is available in white, silver and Mocca. The product range also includes tubes for clothes hangers in white and silver.

The edge height of the most commonly used baskets is either 150mm or 330mm, while the depth is 500mm (also available with a depth of 400mm).

Most Norscan Roller products are available in white and silver.