Sliding doors with Coplanar system

Sliding doors with Coplanar system

The Coplanar sliding door system consists of two pairs of sliding doors operating in pairs. The special feature of this system, compared to conventional sliding doors, is that when closed, the sliding doors are positioned in one plane. When opened, however, one of the doors rises out of the plane and moves smoothly in front of the other door. NB! Coplanar system sliding doors are only sold together with a cabinet or shelving system.

Coplanar slides have both the top and bottom guide rails hidden behind the door panel. The sliding doors also cover the front edges of the cabinet side walls. Closed doors thus form a single planar unit.

In the case of the Coplanar system, the sliding doors can be larger than usual (up to 1.3m wide each). The system can support up to 50 kg (each door). If required, Coplanar doors can also be placed in 2 or more pairs side by side in the same cabinet.

An integrated soft-closing system is used for opening and closing, making the Coplanar system slides extremely easy to use.

Display cabinets visible in LIUGLEV UKS OÜ salons in Tallinn and Tartu.