In addition to basket systems, drawers for laundry and socks in the bedroom wardrobe are also recommended, and can be found in the L-UKS range with five different front panel types and countless variations. Naturally, the drawers we produce feature modern soft-closing drawer lines and push-to-open drawers.

As an alternative, simpler drawers opening on so-called “metabox” simple lines are also available. They can also be equipped with soft-closing systems for added convenience.

We produce drawers in standard widths (432, 532 and 732mm) suitable for use with basket systems. At the same time, drawers can also be made to order in different widths and heights from standard.

The most common types of front panels are those with recessed handles and those with or without handles, but increasingly melamine fronted drawers are also desired, with different shades of background coloured glass.

As an option, we also offer distribution boxes to distribute the contents of the drawers and battery-powered LED lights to illuminate the drawer contents.

Types of drawers:


Classic drawers have melamine, veneered or MDF front panels. For opening, a distinction is made between the front panels of the drawer, or a variety of recessed or surface-mounted handles.
The drawer slides are 100% opening and soft-closing special drawer slides for wardrobe systems.

With frame

The framed drawer type differs from the classic drawer in its front panel. The front panels are made of melamine or veneer and can be made of various opaque materials (melamine, veneer, stained glass, mirror). The drawer slides are 100% opening and soft-closing special drawer slides for wardrobe systems.

Push to open
(or drawers open when pushed)

For push-to-open drawers, we use special push-to-open drawer slides. To open the drawer, press the centre of the drawer front panel and the drawer will open.
Front panels can be either classic or framed.


As an alternative to drawers with a drawer box, there are also simpler drawers that open on so-called “metabox” simple lines, which are cheaper in price, but reliable enough. For Metabox drawers, we use drawer pulls that attach directly to the cabinet wall. The base is also made of 10mm thick melamine board. Front panel in melamine with opening spacing.
Soft-closing systems can be added for added convenience.

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For more information on the profitability of the different drawers, please contact the dealers.