Paron Extra (MDF)

Paron Extra (MDF)

The sliding doors “Paron Extra” with painted frames are made of 5-layer laminated timber with an outer layer of 4mm thick MDF .  The top surface is painted with Tikkurila Symphony or NCS semi matt paint in the desired shade according to the colour chart.

As standard, they are on the one hand visible wardrobe sliding doors, but on request the top and bottom wheels can be concealed in the transom profiles, which also allows them to be used as a door between rooms.

Frame width 92mm and thickness 29mm. The upper and lower wheels of the slide are equipped with closed ball bearings and a spring mechanism to prevent the slide from jumping out of the lower track. “Paron extra” sliding doors use the same special heavy-duty bottom wheels as “Paron” doors. Recommended sliding door dimensions up to 1200mm width and up to 2750mm height.

 The standard handle is the recessed aluminium handle “Paron”, but a wide range of different handles are also available. In the case of a painted frame profile, it is also possible to use a so-called handle grip instead of an aluminium handle.

A 92mm wide spacer is used to divide the door’s inner panel, which in turn allows for different materials to be used as the door’s interior. The doors can be divided horizontally or vertically.

For more convenient use of the doors, we also recommend a soft-stopper (door braking and closing system).

As an innovation, it is also possible to produce these doors with TOP-hanging system.